Permanently remove my chatbot

Permanently remove my chatbot

Depending on how you have set up your chatbot, you can use the following methods to remove a chatbot for your website or other web platforms.


If you are looking to disable the bot temporarily, please follow the steps here.

Remove chatbot widget from website

If you are using the chatbot as Widget, then you need to remove the code snippet that you have added to the website to permanently remove the chatbot. Just delete the code snippet and update your website.

Remove chatbot from WordPress

If you have used our WordPress plugin to install the bot on your website, then simply uninstall the plugin to remove all traces of chatbot from your site.

Remove embedded chatbot

If you have embedded our chatbot using iframe, then you need to remove the iframe code from the website and update your webpage.

Removing chatbot used as Chatbot page

If you are using as Chatbot page, and want to stop using the link, then we recommend:

  • Editing all the shared links of your chatbot with an alternative URL that you prefer.

  • If you have shared the link in a lot of places and cannot edit all of them, then you can add a redirect in your chatbot.

  • Change the first message of your chatbot to something like "Taking you to another page.."

  • Then set a redirect URL to alternative page inside Logical Jump settings for that first message.

  • If you have shared the bot using a custom domain, from the beginning, then you can simply redirect the domain to some other page.

⚠️ Why not just delete the bot?

If you are using chatbot only in widget form, then it's fine to delete the bot to remove it permanently. Make sure you export any data that you may need, before deleting the chatbot.

If you are using the chatbot in embed form, then deleting the bot is not enough. The iframe code must be removed from the website where you have deployed the bot.

If you are using the chatbot as Chatbot page, and if the link has been used for quite some time, we do not recommend deleting the bot. It's best to follow the methods we suggested above.

If you are facing any issues, please contact our team.


If you are a paid user of, please understand that removing the bots does not stop your subscription. You have to cancel subscription, if you have decided to discontinue using completely.

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