How to accept payment via the chatbot?

How to accept payment via the chatbot?

With the Thank You Type, you can easily direct your visitors to a payment interface so that you can receive payments.

Add Thank You from the Script section

Add the URL of your payment interface

For example, here we have added a payment link of Gumroad.

Pass question data to your payment interface

Click on the plus button to start adding the answers you need to pass to the payment interface.

We have added two Questions Keys; name and email and as you can see. This will automatically update the URL that the user is clicking on.


If you are a Free plan user, you can edit the content of the Thank You type but not the Call to Action button and its link. Editing the button and its label is only available for Lite plan users and upwards.


If you add a Thank You type, that will also mark the end of the conversation. This is enforced on Thank You type

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