Thank You Type

Thank You Type

If you want to thank your visitors at the end of the chat, then use the Thank You Type. This script type also presents you an option to redirect your visitors to a URL with the click of a button.


Choose the Thank you type inside Build > Script


Click on Edit to customize.

Once you are done making changes to the text, you can click on Done.

  1. Enable the redirect button if you wish to redirect users at end of the conversation

  2. You can edit the button label text

  3. You can add any URL you wish to send your visitors. You also have the option of opening the URL on a different tab.

  4. You can pass the answers of the questions in the chatbot using Answers to be included.

You can also edit the thank you message and the GIF as you please.


Go to Build > Design and see how it looks.


If you are a Free plan user, you can edit the content of the Thank You type but not the Call to Action button and its link. Editing the button and its label is only available for Lite plan users and upwards.


Thank you type is meant to be used at the end of a conversation. Therefore, "End of Conversation" is enforced on this script type. The chatbot will not execute any questions added after a Thank you type, unless there is a predefined Logical Jump to these questions.


  • Click on the Eye icon to preview the chatbot at any point.

  • If it says Unpublished Changes, it means there are changes waiting to be made public.

  • Once you click on Publish, all pending changes will become live on your chatbot.

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