What is a response?

What is a response?

A response is a conversation between the chatbot and the user. It contains all the messages that were transferred during that conversation.

When a user completes the conversation with the chatbot, all the replies received become part of one Complete response.

By default we send email notifications for all completed responses. You can choose to turn this off from Settings > Notification.

What if a user didn't finish the conversation?

When a user drops the conversation midway without reaching the end of it, then their replies are recorded as an Incomplete response. Both completed and incomplete responses can be viewed under the Results > Responses tab.

You can choose to turn on/off sending incomplete responses from Settings > Notification.

Here you can choose to receive email notifications, only when a particular question in the conversation is answered.


Please keep in mind that once you turn on notifications for incomplete responses, we will start to deduct incomplete responses from your monthly response limit along with the complete responses.

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