Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Whenever the chatbot has a complete conversation with your visitor, an email notification is sent to your email address. You can configure the additional settings for these notifications via Settings.

Enable Notifications

You can turn on or off email notifications. It will turn off all email notifications.

Send Incomplete Responses

You have the option to turn on email notifications for partially completed or incomplete responses (as we call it). Here you can decide a primary question in your chatbot. For example, it can be the email question. You will get an email notification, when the user has filled the conversation upto that primary question.

You can also choose to not select any primary question and leave it blank. In this scenario, the chatbot will send notifications, when user leaves the conversation and moves to another page or window; or if user closes the chatbot widget.

We recommend setting a primary question from the dropdown list.

From Address

By default, the from address for notifications is [email protected]. Please make sure that this email address has not been added to your spam list.

If you wish to change this address, please send us an email with a valid reason.

To Address

The email address to which the notifications will be delivered to will be set to your login email address by default. You can change the email address here.

You also have the option to add multiple receiver email address.

To - Filters

You can apply filters on the response to route the emails based on user choice. This is explained here.

Reply Back Options

You can reply back to the visitor who had the conversation. This is possible only if you are asking for the visitor's email address.

Here, you can change the Subject of the message you are receiving. The Subject has two parts. The first part can be edited as you wish. The second part of the subject line

  • can be left empty.

  • can be set to the Response Count.

  • can be set to the answer of a question from the conversation.

Similarly, in Reply to, you can select the email question which is collecting the email address of the visitor. This email address will be used for your email communication.

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