Are you GDPR compliant?

Are you GDPR compliant? is a data collection tool and we have designed our platform with privacy at it's heart. With the arrival of GDPR in the EU, we have some new regulations on how we should handle your data. There are over 99 articles in the regulation that requires us to to tell you how exactly we handle your Personal information. This includes any identifiable information such as name, address, email address etc.

So what has changed?

  1. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. It is more transparent and reflects our commitment to comply with the new European data protection regulation and allow you to be compliant as well.

  2. For account deletion or modification please contact us using the contact option in the Help centre. Meanwhile we are working on a Settings page to make this process even easier.

How to make your bot GDPR compliant?

It's pretty simple.

  1. Documented a consent: Just add a Yes/No question to your current bot, using Multi Choice, asking them if they would be happy to receive email updates. For example: "Shall we send you latest updates?" or "To serve you better, we will save the data you input to us. Are you ok with this?".

  2. Giving your user the data: If your user requests you to share the data that you collected from them, you can share the email notification that you received from us. It contains everything we have collected about that particular user. Or you can go to the Responses section and find this record, select it (tick in the first column) and export it.

  3. Deleting the data of your user: If your user asks you to delete their data, then you can go to the Responses section, find this record, select it (tick in the first column) and press the Delete button. This is permanent and that data cannot be retrieved.


In short words - Your data is your data. Our product enforces privacy by design and we do not sell your data to make any monetary gains.  We only provide a tool for you to collect data. 


We also have the option to stop saving the data on our servers. See the steps here.

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