Identify a user in Email or SMS campaigns

Identify a user in Email or SMS campaigns

When you are sharing a chatbot via its unique link, it may be required to identify which user is interacting with the chatbot. This way, you can avoid repeating questions like "What is your name?" or  "What is your email address?".

Set the Data using Custom Fields

First, you need to define the keys that identify the user. Go to your Settings > General of your Bot and provide the keys as custom fields.

Let's say you wish to pass two keys to the URL from your campaign, name and email. Then both these keys must be set as custom fields in the above settings.

Pass Parameters to URL

Make sure your chatbot link is constructed in the following manner:[email protected]

As long as these keys match, the chatbot will be able to pick them up and store these data points in the Response section. Therefore you will see the same reflected in the email notifications.

You can also do the same, programmatically using the collectchat.set method.

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