Redirect to a URL based on user choice

Redirect to a URL based on user choice

There is a special option within Logical Jump settings that allows you to redirect the page in which chatbot has been added.

Consider the following example. Here you want to send the user to a portfolio page, when the user selects the option "Who are your clients?".

First, you have to open the Logical Jump settings for this question. Here you will find an option in the drop-down list, "Redirect to URL". Choose this option.

Then you can provide the URL to which the user must be send to. Here we are adding the portfolio URL.


You can add another chatbot on this new page (if you wish) and continue collecting data. This is useful in the following scenarios:

  • Send user to a custom page that gives them an offer or a discount

  • Guide them towards your Support pages

  • When you want to share information that will not fit inside the chatbot

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