Phone Number Type

Phone Number Type

To accept phone number input from the user, you can use this script type.


Choose the Phone Number type inside Build > Script


Click on Edit to customize.

You can enable SMS verification for the number that they enter. The messages displayed to the user when SMS verification is enabled can be customized to your liking.

Once you are done making changes to the text, you can click on Done.

User can enter the phone number in the field provided. They also have the option to change the country code. If SMS verification is enable, they will receive a text message with the verification code. The conversation will only continue when they enter the correct verification code.


Go to Build > Design and see how it looks.


Country code and the respective flag is defined by the IP address. This means, if you're connecting from UK, you will see +44 whereas a visitor from US will see the same phone number field starting with +1.


  • Click on the Eye icon to preview the chatbot at any point.

  • If it says Unpublished Changes, it means there are changes waiting to be made public.

  • Once you click on Publish, all pending changes will become live on your chatbot.

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