Set up custom domain for chatbot page

Set up custom domain for chatbot page

Chatbots when used as Chatbot page, can be loaded on your custom domain. For example; your chatbot URL that looks like:

can be set to load on your website like:

Here are the steps to follow.

Setup custom domain in

Make sure your chatbot is in Chatbot Page under Settings > General > Bot type.

Click on Build and then Share.  In this example, we are going to load our chatbot on the URL

Point CNAME to the subdomain

This the second step. You have to add a CNAME record in your website DNS settings. Depending on your DNS provider, the steps can change a bit. Here are the instructions, if you are using GoDaddy:

Go to My Domains and select Manage DNS for your website.

Now you will see all the DNS records already added. Click on the ADD button to add a new record.

Add the details.

  • Set Type as CNAME.

  • Host should be set to your subdomain name. Here it is ask.

  • Points to should be set to

  • Leave TTL to the default value.

And then Save the record.

Test the custom domain

Once you are done with the setup, just test the URL on a browser.

Adding DNS record in Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare to manage your website DNS, then there is an additional step you need to take care of.

Click on Add record under DNS settings.

Here provide the details as shown above. Make sure that Proxy status is set to DNS only. That's all.


If you are unfamiliar with CNAME records or DNS settings, kindly get in touch with your hosting provider or web development team. They can do this for you in a minute.

We use to automatically provision SSL certificates to make your custom domain support https. By this Automated Certificate Management (ACM) service, you will be free from all the hurdles of creating SSL certificate and periodically renewing it.

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