Design a conversational landing page

Design a conversational landing page

Here is how you can design a full-page chatbot and use it as your conversational landing page. This can be used to share your chatbot in Social Media or you can use it in your Email or SMS campaigns.

There are 3 layouts available for your conversational landing pages.

The following is our Card layout.

Then the one below is called Personal layout.

Finally we have the Modern Layout.

Parts of the Conversational Landing Page

1. Profile Picture

This is can be your personal image or your brand logo. For the Card and Personal layout, we recommend using a picture with 1:1 aspect ratio. If you are opting for the Modern layout, we recommend a picture having 1600x390 px dimensions.

You can opt to have no profile picture as well.

(Remember that the Profile picture is different from your chatbot avatar image)

2. Title

Set the title to your name or brand name that you want your audience to see. This field can be left empty.

3. Subtitle

Tell the world what you or your brand stands for. This field can be left empty.

4. Links

Add links to your social media profiles or even your website.

5. Background

The background of your conversational landing page can be an image or a color or a gradient or a short video.

Design your Landing Page

You can start designing the landing page by selecting the Chatbot page under Settings > General > Bot type.

Go to Build > Design. Start by choosing a Layout for your Chatbot page. And then choose an Avatar.

You have 4 options when it comes to setting the background property. You can set it as a fixed color.

Or you can set a gradient background by choosing a Start and End color.

Or you can set it to an image. You can upload an image using the add button or select one from our gallery (the option to the right).

Lastly, you can set it to a short video. We recommend small videos that loop themselves. It adds a slight motion to the page. The audio will be muted by default. Again you have the option to upload a short video or use one from our gallery (the option to the right).

Edit the Content

Click on the back button from the design section and select Content.

Here you can set the Title, Sub Title, and also the links of your Chatbot page. You can add more links using the "+" button. It is possible to drag and rearrange the links.

You will also see the option to upload your profile picture.

The Color option here will change the colors of the Text content on your Chatbot page.

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