What happens when I upgrade or downgrade?

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time through the billing page. We'll automatically calculate any proration and bill you accordingly.

What is Proration?

When you upgrade or downgrade in the middle of a billing cycle, you will only be charged for the time you use, rather than for the complete month. This is called Proration. Proration is calculated from the date of the change to the next bill date.

During Upgrade

When you upgrade to a better plan, you will be instantly billed an additional amount on proration basis. Your billing date will not change. The additional amount, will be used for the usage of your account towards the higher plan from the day of upgrade to your next billing date.

During Downgrade

When you downgrade the account to a lower plan, your next bill amount is calculated on proration basis. Again there is no change in billing date. There will be a decrease in the amount being charged on your card on the month following your downgrade date.

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