Show or Hide the bot based on UTM tags

Show or Hide the bot based on UTM tags

UTM tags are a snippet of text you can attach to the end of a URL in order to track a source, medium, or campaign. Tracking the UTM tags will tell you where your users are coming from and what campaign brought them to your site.

Please go to Settings > Targeting and click on the + button. Select UTM Tags from the dropdown list.

In the above example, we added a rule under Hide for. So if a user visited your website from an email campaign that you ran and the URL was:

then the chatbot will be hidden for such a user. You can add other type of UTM tags from the dropdown list. If multiple UTM tags are specified, then the bot will be hidden when both UTM parameters are present in the URL.

The same rule can be added under Show for as well.


This setting is only available for the chatbot when it is used as Widget. It is not applicable when used as Embed or Chatbot page.


Don't forget to publish your changes before testing.

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