Open the chatbot widget based on a timer

Open the chatbot widget based on a timer

Select the chatbot. Go to Settings. Open Behaviour. Here, you will find the option to open the widget after 'x' seconds.

If you set it to '5', then the chatbot will open automatically after a delay of 5 seconds from the moment, the visitor has loaded the website.

How it Works

When the user visits for the first time, the chatbot will open up after x seconds. If the user closes the chatbot by pressing the 'X' button, then we set a cookie to prevent the chatbot from opening for the same person.

In other words, the auto-open settings will work only for the first time for a new user. It doesn't work the second time. This is to make the bot less intrusive.

If you are testing to see if the bot does open after x seconds, then we recommend you to test it in the incognito mode of your browser or a different browser from your current one.


  • The auto-trigger will be disabled on mobile devices. The above setting will only work on desktop devices.

  • It has to be set to 5 seconds or a greater value.

  • Setting the timer to '0' seconds, will disable the auto-trigger.

  • This setting is only available for the chatbot when it is used as Widget. It is not applicable when used as Embed or Chatbot page.

  • Please do not mistaken Widget with Launcher. Launcher will be loading instantly.

  • If you want chatbot to open instantly without wait you can follow the steps here.


If you think that auto-triggering the chatbot can be annoying, then we recommend setting it to '0' or turning it off.


Don't forget to publish your changes before testing.

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