Links Type

Links Type

This script type is useful to leave URLs (hyperlinks) inside your chatbot. You can provide the URL and then change the label on them. You can also provide the link to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, Github and similar outreach channels. There is also an option to provide your phone number and email address using this script type.


Choose the Links type inside Build > Script


Click on Edit to customize.

  • The Title that you provide is what is seen by your users.

  • You can add multiple links using the plus button and remove them using bin button.

  • You can also choose to open the links in a new tab or in the same tab.

Once you are done making changes to the text, you can click on Done.


Go to Build > Design and see how it looks.


You can also insert relative links. It is useful when the bot is to be used inside mobile apps that allow routing or even on webpages with '#' links.


  • Click on the Eye icon to preview the chatbot at any point.

  • If it says Unpublished Changes, it means there are changes waiting to be made public.

  • Once you click on Publish, all pending changes will become live on your chatbot.

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