Translate your Chatbot

Translate your Chatbot supports multiple languages. You can start making a chatbot in French/German/Spanish/any other language in a matter of minutes. Let's see how it is done.

Add the Text in Your Language

Go to the Create and then Script section. Start adding messages and questions. Here, you can type in your language directly. In the screenshot below you can see, that the French language has been used for the conversation.

Additional Changes

There are some additional elements of the chatbot that still needs translation. You can see the elements in the following pictures as indicated here.

Translation Settings

These elements can be translated by going to Settings. Click on Translation.

You can translate the text on many of the other element here. This includes the text shown on buttons, date picker and the type prompt.

Here, we have translated the texts to French.

Preview the Chatbot

Preview the chatbot once more to confirm that the changes have been made.


One chatbot will be available in one language. When you want to translate the same bot into another language, you will have to make a copy of it, translate the conversation as instructed above and make sure that the snippet code of the translated bot is added to your website appropriately.

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