How to add chatbot to Notion

How to add chatbot to Notion

Copy the Shareable URL

Go to Build. Click on Share.

Please make sure you have selected Embed as your Bot type under Settings > General.

Under Embed using Link, copy the link.

Add to your Notion page

Go to your notion page where you want to embed the chatbot. Using the commands option, type in "/embed" and choose Embed.

It will show an option to paste the link that has to be embedded. Paste the shareable URL of the chatbot and click on Embed link.

You will instantly get a preview of the chatbot. You may drag and adjust the dimensions of the chatbot as you see fit in Notion.

You can get the public preview of this notion page by clicking on Share on the top-right. Turn on "Share to web" and just copy the link to test it out.

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