How to add chatbot to WordPress

How to add chatbot to WordPress

Login to WordPress

Login to your WordPress or WooCommerce Admin section (E.g. http://yourWordpressWebsite/wp-admin/). Select Plugins. Click on Add New option.

Install the Plugin

Search for "Collectchat" in the Keyword space. Select the WordPress plugin and click Install.

Activate the Plugin

After installation, find the WordPress plugin and click on Activate.

Copy the Code Snippet

Login into your account. Go to Build. Click on Share.

Please make sure you have selected Widget as your Bot type under Settings > General.

Select the type of your website. Copy the code snippet of your chatbot.

Edit Plugin Settings

Click on Settings of the plugin.

Add the code snippet of the bot in the space provided.

Preview on Website

You're done! Now all visitors to your WordPress website will be able to see the chatbot.



Keep in mind that if you’re using a caching plugin in WordPress, it may take a few hours for the widget to show up on your site. If it isn’t showing up, try clearing your cache and that should get it live.


If you are on, you need to upgrade to business plan to be able to install any plugin. There could be other reasons that prevent you from installing plugin. They are listed here

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